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Lohit Pattanaik

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2016 Subaru WRX STi

I’ve been a car lover ever since I can remember! From my first car, a 1987 Pontiac Fiero to my current 2016 Subaru STi, I’ve owned a WIDE variety of vehicles over the years (Z32, Q45, Z34, Range Rover, LS460 just to name a few)! Aesthetics have alway been my passion, but depending on the build, I would put the focus on power, interior, audio and switch it up from build to build.

With my current build, I wanted to cosmetically create something that would truly stand out from any other STi build. So I ventured to create the first full carbon fiber exterior VAB STi! It was a labor of love that took a year+, and I’m happy to say that the exterior is pretty much close to complete (but are we reaaaaally ever done?!). Now I plan to focus on building out the interior and motor a bit, and just enjoy showing the car.

Oh by the way, I own an automotive restyling company, Fly1 Motorsports. So if you need any custom carbon fiber work, feel free to reach out!!

Manual Transmission
Original Color – World Rally Cross Blue / Carbon Black Interior
Factory Navigation / Keyless Entry

Full carbon fiber exterior VAB WRX STi
Varis carbon fiber bonnet
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Front Bumper
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Side Skirts & Shrouds
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Wide Fenders
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Heat Shields
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Rear Extensions
Varis Arising II Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
Custom carbon fiber HT Autos Fender Flares
APR GTC 300 Wing with custom carbon fiber base
OLM Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
Perrin Aluminum Gurney Flap
Velox Motorsports Diffuser
Fly1 Motorsports custom front and side splitters
Fly1 Motorsports custom carbon fiber canards
Ceramic Tint all around

Full Alcantara replacing factory carpet
Airlift Performance 3H Management System
Custom carbon fiber box with fans hiding 2 VIAR 444C Stealth Compressors
FLO Airride carbon fiber tank
Custom hardlines painted translucent black
Custom RGB lighting around full air setup

Airlift Performance Struts
SPL Camber Arms / Toe Bolts modified for fitment
Work Meister S2R custom ordered wheels for widebody fitment
Fourty Four Wheel Company Titanium Lug Nuts
Continental ContiSport Contact 5P

OEM Audio+ Dual Subwoofer System
Custom carbon fiber subwoofer enclosures
Integrated with factory sound system

Continental Tire
Item: Conti Sportcontact 5P Tires
• Velox Motorsports
Item: Rear Diffuser
• Fourty Four Wheel Company
Item: Titanium Lug Nuts
• FLO Airride
Item: Carbon Fiber Tank
• Deity Motorsports
Item: Custom Hardlines / Trunk Setup
• Meguiars
Item: Detailing Products
• OEM Audio+
Item: Dual Subwoofer Factory Integrated Sound System
• Slick Carbon
Item: Custom Carbon Fiber Work
• Fly1 Motorsports
Item: Custom Carbon Fiber Exterior Work
• Wrap Armor
Item: Custom Roll Call and Viny Work