Understood by Few, Respected by All

Jeremiah Santos

Feed your OWN Ego, I’m busy

2005 Honda Civic Si (EP3)

I have always been into cars since I was a little kid back in the Philippines. My first car in the Philippines was a 95 EG6 with a B16A, I had some no name coil overs and TE’s. Kept it stock for the most part since I was on a student budget
I bought this car brand new, first owner from the rancho santa margarita Honda back in.

I met Joseph through a meet back in 06-07 it was in Autobacs in Stanton back when that was the legit spot. Hated Joseph when I first met him we never talked every time we run into each other i always find him a bit of a douche since he was running some gold VSXX, and i rocked my budget XXR’s and he always looked down on is simple people. Eventually though we had a common friend that hosted an install day and I had an opportunity to chat and talked to Joseph (against my will) and to my surprise we actually have a lot in common. Since then I hanged out with him doing install days and going to small meets here and there. We went to track events multiple times, we had friends come and go, we have lost some friends to other cars and car clubs. And we ended up keeping our cars and started going to car shows through a common friend. We joined the same car crew “Arkan” and the rest is history.

My timeline is very adjacent to my life events. I have bought the car as a daily so that was the first role of the car is to be a dependable daily driver. I bought some wheels and tein suspension and that was about it.
I had a GF and we moved in together so the EP became a Uhaul, we moved multiple times throughout our relationship (slept in the car for 2 weeks during some transition) and after we settled that is when i invested a bit more on the car. Better suspension, real wheels, bolt ons, front lip etc…
After a while we settled got married and had a baby so it was time to buy an extra car. That is when the EP got decommissioned and i started tracking the car and playing around with it a lot more. And recently after i had a lot of fun with it, I took interest in going to car shows.

Without the funds to make a proper show car since I have responsibilities now as a Dad, a lot of my mods and how the car looks has been worked on/created in the garage.

This EP is special because it has been a part of my life for 12 years and it has played multiple roles. I have personally worked on everything on the car and i am proud to say that I have done a lot of unique things in this chassis that I have not seen anywhere. I kept the motor stock throughout all those years because I want a reliable car that will not give me a headache with all the regulations we have here in CA. I can drive in any smog places/DMV and car will pass with flying colors.

My plan this year and next year will be BBK and a good solid NA swap K24 or K20a1-z1 and body work.

Type R front conversion
Mugen front lip
Mugen airduct
Mugen hood
Mugen Wing
HFP sideskirts
Custom flares
Custom rear, front and side diffuser
Work Meister S1
Toyo Tires
Buddy Club RSD

Bride zeta III
Custom cage
Arc shift extender
Buddy clubs short shifter

Polished Valve cover
Polished Arc intake
Polished DC strut bar
JR headers
Custom straight pipe